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Buzzers – the recommendation media

Buzzers (Hopottajat) is a media that uses thousands of registered buzzers and their social networks to create buzz around products and services. Our service provides a systematic and efficient way to get consumers talking about your products in Facebook and Twitter, blogs, forums and face-to-face – and you can see the results in real time!

All recommendations are told in buzzers own words, based on their own experiences ­– they just use our service to get them out efficiently. The free products they receive and their own score system rewarding active buzzing motivates them.

The benefits of the Buzz-campaign

Contact us and ask for the latest campaign info to see major results!

Sales and planning:

Minttu Murtomäki
+358 40 77800 20

Established 2005. First in Europe.


Buzzers are at least 18 years old and are not paid for Buzzing. They will tell that they are part of the campaign and do not pressure anyone to buy products they are campaigning for.


Terms of Service